Be FABULOUS, Live BROKE. I’ll Teach You How.

Ahhhh! What am I doing here? Hey you guys! My name is Shatika Parker, I’m 27 years old & owner of the brand, Broke and FAB which is a lifestyle brand dedicated to showing people you can live fabulously while still sticking to your financial goals! Yes, it’s possible! However, to do so we need discipline, knowledge and the will power to live a decent lifestyle. Where I come from (grew up in the projects of Yonkers, NY) leaving our kids with a legacy that doesn’t include bills, a rented apartment and the need to create a Go Fund Me page once we die, means turning our current lifestyle upside down. Life becomes less about running to rock the latest label, and more about what you bring to the table. Your decisions are more in line with longevity, and it becomes quality over quantity. Is this you? Are you currently living outside of your means? What story does your accumulation of savings, investments, life insurance and retirement funds, tell about you? Now this is not to be shady or call anyone out (but if the shoe fits…). This is much more of a tough love conversation between two good-ish (considering I only met you today) girlfriends. Beneath the shade and blunt words are a message : You can still be FABULOUSLY you but live like you’re BROKE. I do it everyday! Haha. Seriously. I am currently on a journey that has traded “Wyd” text messages for credit score point increase alerts, the latest pair of shoes for a savings account, and one thing I’ve always been good at, overpriced fashion, for a mix of trendy and classic AFFORDABLE finds. I hope that you will join me on this journey to financial freedom! You can follow my Instagram page if you click here, to keep up with me via pictures and videos daily. If we put forth effort, we can Live Life FAB. . . and Broke.

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